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What you do if your Android is stolen or lost.

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Having your telephone stolen or losing it accidentally can be a horrendous encounter, particularly in the event that you have a great deal of individual information and data put away legitimately on your gadget.

In the event that you are perusing this article since you or somebody you know lost or had a telephone stolen, dread not. There are a few things you can do to track, reset, or lock your handset.

Fortunately, there are a lot of approaches to track and locate the careful area of your lost Android telephone, play out a remote wipe of information, or ring it telephone at full volume. That’s right, regardless of whether it is in quiet mode.

In the appalling occasion something happens where you can’t discover your telephone, pursue the beneath ventures as quickly as time permits.

The most effective method to discover your telephone

Android cell phones come worked in with an element considered Find My Phone, which can be utilized for following the area of your telephone and ring it from a remote area by utilizing your Google account. This is a default include on most present day Android cell phones, so you need not download or introduce any extra application to utilize this component.

Remember that this component will precisely work just if your Android gadget is associated with a WiFi or a versatile system and your area settings are set to high exactness. Be that as it may, you may in any event get an estimated area of your Android telephone regardless of whether the area settings are killed or are set to telephone just or battery sparing modes.

To utilize this element either look for ‘Discover my telephone’ on Google or go to the site and afterward sign in with a similar Google account that you have utilized on your lost or stolen Android gadget. You can likewise download the Find My Device Android application from here.

When you have signed in to the Google account, the Find My Device highlight will in a flash pinpoint the area of your Android gadget and enable you to follow it on Google Maps.

You would now be able to locate the present area where your lost or stolen gadget is at and can visit that spot and utilize the ‘Play Sound’ choice to ring your gadget at full volume to precisely know where it is. This element will work regardless of whether your telephone is on quiet mode.

In the grievous case that you are unfit to discover your Android gadget, you can likewise utilize the ‘Protected gadget’ and ‘Lock gadget’ choices to either bolt your gadget with a secret key and log out of your Google record or just eradicate every one of the information on your gadget and play out a production line reset.

This will forestall any individual who may have your stolen telephone from gaining admittance to your own information. You can at present approach practically the majority of your own information as Google consequently takes a reinforcement of your photographs, recordings, contacts, schedule passages, and even your messages.

Locate My Mobile – Samsung

On the off chance that you are a Samsung gadget client you can play out a couple of extra alternatives in the event that you utilize the Find my versatile component by Samsung. By visiting the site and marking in utilizing your Samsung versatile record, you can follow your telephone.

With Samsung’s Find My Mobile element you can play out extra activities like remotely support up the entirety of your information (media, reports, and introduced applications) and recovering your calls and message logs to follow any potential calls or messages made by the individual who stole or discovered your telephone.


The ‘Lock’ alternative won’t just bolt your gadget however will likewise enable you to show a message on your screen and keep your telephone from being physically fueled off.

You can likewise utilize the ‘Expand battery life’ highlight to set your telephone to the most extreme power sparing mode to guarantee that it doesn’t come up short on battery while you are attempting to follow its area. This component will practically debilitate the use of all applications and administrations on your gadget, with the exception of the ones that are required for following your gadget.

Samsung additionally enables you to set up “Gatekeepers” by giving contact subtleties of your companion’s or relatives.

Imagine a scenario in which you can’t discover your telephone.

In some awful cases, you probably won’t most likely track or find your telephone even in the wake of attempting the previously mentioned techniques. Your telephone’s battery may be dead or the gadget may have even gotten harmed. Consider the possibility that you can’t discover your telephone. What to do now?

Report your telephone as stolen

The principal thing you can do is to answer to the police that your telephone has been stolen and get any essential archives required for recording a protection guarantee.

The police may request subtleties, for example, your telephone’s make and model, the definite area where it was stolen, as well as your telephone number and IMEI. Ensure you have any of these subtleties before you document the report.

You can discover the majority of this data on the container your telephone came in, including your one of a kind IMEI number.

End or interruption your portable administration

You may likewise need to answer to your bearer and versatile specialist organization and solicitation them to end or respite your cell phone administration. This can keep somebody from utilizing your telephone or SIM card to make calls or send messages.

You may likewise take a stab at mentioning your specialist co-op to utilize any GPS following administration that they need to help in following your telephone. Distinctive specialist co-ops have differing arrangements and instruments yet it may merit an attempt if all else fails.

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