Mari Gas Field was originally owned by Pakistan Stanvac Petroleum Project, a joint venture formed in 1954 between Government of Pakistan and M/s Esso Eastern Incorporated, in 1983, M/s Esso Eastern transferring its entire share to Fauji Foundation.

A major development during 2014 was approval of five year extension in Mari lease period which meant that MPCL would enjoy the development and production rights in the Lease Area till 2019 enabling MPCL to enhance the recovery and produce more natural gas which is critically needed in the Country. Moving at very fast pace this company has engorged its name amongst several other top oil and petroleum companies of Pakistan.

Various oil and gas companies have worked hard and established their names throughout the region, competing with each other for better growth, production, and to becoming one of the top oil and petroleum companies in Pakistan, for the country’s prosperous future.