Android building group facilitating Android Q AMA

With the dispatch of Android Q Beta 5 not long ago, Google additionally reported that it was arranging a Reddit AMA for engineers. That session with the Android building group is occurring one week from now on r/AndroidDev.

Google expressly takes note of this Ask Me Anything is carefully centered around “specialized inquiries identified with the most recent highlights explicitly in Android Q.” The Android group spread out certain points, yet takes note of that members are “allowed to ask anything!”

It would be ideal if you note that we need to keep the discussion concentrated carefully on the designing of the stage.

Android Jetpack

Android Studio



Dim Theme

New Gesture Nav

Security and Privacy

Area changes in Q

Venture Mainline

Google Play

This yearly session will begin on August 1 at 12 p.m. PT and keep running until 1:20 p.m. Thirty-three Googlers from building and item the board foundations will be available. Ranking executive of item the executives Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson will likewise be in participation. Google’s Android Q AMA post is presently live to start posing and deciding on inquiries.

Adam Cohen: TLM on Android Launcher/System UI

Adam Powell: TLM on UI toolbox/system; sees, lifecycle, sections, support libs

Alan Viverette (/u/alanviverette): TLM, Jetpack/AndroidX

Allen Huang: PM for UI, launcher, notices, search mixes, and the sky is the limit from there!

Andrew Sappirstein: TLM on Android Settings

Brahim Elbouchikhi (u/ielbouchikhi): PM chief for Android Machine Learning and Camera (NN API, ML Kit, CameraX, Camera Platform)

Chad Brubaker (u/rekaburbc): Software Engineer, Android Platform Security

Charmaine D’Silva: PM for Privacy

Chet Haase (u/chethaase): Android Chief Advocate, Developer Relations

Diana Wong: PM, App Compatibility, non-SDK API use, ART, NDK

Dianne Hackborn (u/hackbod): Manager of the Android structure group (Resources, Window Manager, Activity Manager, Multi-client, Printing, Accessibility, and so on.)

E.K. Chung: Director of UX

Ian Lake: Software Engineer, Jetpack (Fragments, Navigation, Architecture Components)

Iliyan Malchev: Principal Software Engineer, Project Mainline

Jacob Lehrbaum: Director of Developer Relations for Android

Jake Wharton (u/jakewharton): Software Engineer, Jetpack

Jamal Eason (/u/easonj): PM, Android Studio

Jeff Bailey (u/jeffbailey): TLM, Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

Jeff Sharkey (u/jsharkey): Software Engineer, Android Framework

Jeffrey van Gogh (/u/jvg_googler): Android Studio, Compilers

Jen Chai: PM, Location and Context, Auth, Autofill, non-SDK API use, ART

Karen Ng: Group PM for Android Developer Tools, Android Studio, Android Tookit, and Jetpack

Paul Bankhead: Director of Product Management, Google Play

Rohan Shah: Product Manager, Android System UI

Romain Guy (/u/romainguy): Manager of the Android Toolkit/Jetpack group

Sagar Kamdar: Director of Product Management, Android

Sat K: Director of Engineering, Android Connectivity

Selim Cinek (u/selimcinek): Software Engineer, Android System UI

Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson (/u/steph—): Senior Director of Product Management, Android

Sumir Kataria: Software Engineer, Jetpack (WorkManager)

Travis McCoy: PM, Android Platform

Trystan Upstill: Distinguished Engineer, Lead for Android System UI and Intelligence

Vinit Modi: PM, Android Camera

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